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Mar 6, 2011 6:30pm EST
return for helping the mayor's campaign. richard, tell us about this. >> as you said, just a short time ago the mayor wrapped up a news conference and call these allegations reprehensible and shocking. he said that yes, there had been some missteps, but denied any wrongdoing with his administration. picking up the washington post sunday, readers found themselves confronted by a dramatic headline. >> this is democracy. we don't do that. >> she is talking about this article in which mayor vincent gray starkly denies promising a city job. brown says not so. >> i was promised a job in exchange for continuing to put the heat on. >> brown says he received thousands of dollars to help with his own election and was told he would get the job if gray won the mayor's seat. gray denies the allegations. he says he never authorized cash payments, only that he promised an interview. >> i went on to indicate that should win, there would be different consideration. >> brown was later hard for a $107 job. he says he has text messages to prove that he and gray had a deal. >> if you are offered a cond
Mar 27, 2011 6:30pm EDT
drivers these dollars will add off and the rising set price for gas. embassy e from $21.75. cost us but starting tuesday it will $22.75. a you can choose not to take cab, right? d if you take a cab, you obviously have a little bit of extra money. authorized the surcharge for all cab drivers within the district. trip makes llar a a difference. >> you try to make the money you're y time you look, gas. bringing $pa a day in gas, it's rough. tacked there are fees fares for extra passengers. >> it pushes it too far for some. f you an $11 cab fare becomes 12. if you're a tourist and you're running around in a cab, it gets expensive. >> but passengers are finding ways to build that extra buck into their budget. >> we knew we were going to be e subway so rom th lunch hosen to not buy there and pay for the cab. >> now this particular surcharge is set to run through about the end of july. the taxicab commission can vote to repeal it. cost ht now the average more gallon of gas is $3.50 so it is uncertainly unlikely that they will take timeind of action an soon. >> thanks. it looks like the che
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2